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Phishing Awareness Training & Simulation.

Effective . Measurable.

Change employee behaviour with journey-based phishing awareness training and keep security top of mind.

What is Phriendly Phishing?

Phriendly Phishing is a Phishing Awareness and Simulation program developed by certified professionals at Shearwater Solutions. Through ongoing research and practical experience in the field, developers ensure that the training remains current with phishing threats and techniques.


Works on any Device

Access training from any device with an internet connection.

Cloud Based

No expensive deployments, patching, or manual updates.

Scalable Solution

The flexible training allows you to easily add or remove staff.

Managed Service

The solution does not require internal resource allocation.

User Friendly

Suitable for staff with varying levels of technical expertise.

How it Works

Phriendly phishing gives you easy-to-use tools that will help you understand your organisation’s phishing risk, educate your staff, nurture awareness and prove success across your organisation.

1- Measure

Start with a simulated phishing campaign to determine your organisation’s overall phishing risk, and to establish a baseline for future measurement.

2- Educate

Train your staff to identify phishing threats and develop their phishing detection skills. Users start at the beginner level and work their way up.

3- Nurture

Nurture your staff’s skills with simulated phishing campaigns. Control the difficulty and timing of each campaign to align with staff progress.

Report Suspicious Emails With One Click

Our S.C.A.M. Reporter for Outlook empowers your staff to proactively report suspicious emails for early detection and response.

S.C.A.M. Reporter

Empower your staff to report phishing emails with one click

The sooner you know about a phishing attack, the sooner you can do something about it. The S.C.A.M. Reporter Outlook add-in empowers your employees to report suspicious emails with one click for analysis and mitigation. And best of all, it’s FREE.


Comprehensive Reporting with an Administrator Console

Report on success across your entire organisation.

Monitor Phishing Risk

Track your organisation’s phishing awareness posture and overall risk profile

Track Improvement

Track historical trends and statistical improvements.

Measure Performance

Monitor and report on staff performance

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USB Drop Testing & Reporting

Phriendly Phishing includes a USB Drop Testing and Reporting feature designed to provide you with
a quick, easy and effective way to create and manage 


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